Course Overview

This course is divided into modules which will walk you through how to use and build single- and multi-camera live stream setups, essential camera and broadcast settings, streaming produced video content, and building and leading a volunteer team to support this new or expanded ministry.

🗓 Like all BEZAL courses, Live Stream Start to Finish is self-paced so you can focus on helping your church rather than on meeting arbitrary deadlines.

Master Camera Settings

Learn how to set camera settings across multiple cameras for maximum quality and how to control the visual appearance of your stream. We will also discuss the role of the director and how to build and administrate a motivated volunteer ministry team.

Design a Custom System

We will look at the basic workings of any live stream system and what components you will need to get up and running, along with camera positioning within the auditorium, camera switching techniques, and building in quality audio.

Stream Produced Content

One module will focus on a post-production workflow and give you the skills necessary to stream produced content on schedule. We will look at the timeline, effects and transitions, audio, color grading, and the export of the finished content.

This course is closed for enrollment.